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Blind Tech Deck 96mm Fingerboard - Water Color Pink/Yellow

  • $ 5.99

Tech Deck brings you the real deal with authentic 96mm fingerboards from real skate companies including designs with skate damage effect that look like they've already been shredded at the park! Each one features legit graphics from some of the biggest skate companies in the world, including: Almost, Blind, Baker, Flip, Plan B and Revive! Each 96mm fingerboard includes one board with an awesome skate design from one iconic skate brand. Recreate your favorite lines and expand your trickionary!



  • Tech Deck boards are fully customizable!
  • Deck it out with different wheels and trucks to create your own special board.
  • Learn new tricks & tips and become a pro in no time!
  • Tech Deck 96mm skateboards are for skate-lovers ages 6+ (No batteries required)

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