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Loaded Deck Kanthaka- 8.875

Loaded Deck Kanthaka- 8.875

  • $ 188.00

Loaded Deck Kanthaka- 8.875: (deck comes pregriped with black loaded griptape)

Like its namesake from Buddhist legend, the Kanthaka is an agile, muscular, and loyal steed for any rider seeking a swift and exciting journey to double-kick freeride enlightenment. Blurring the lines between street skating and freeriding, the Kanthaka builds off contemporary skate design and brings rocker, functional and ergonomic wheel wells, and composite construction to create something innovative, versatile and unique.

Material: Carbon Fiber, Dual Vertically Laminated Bamboo 

Length: 36" 
Width: 8.875" 
Wheelbase: 17.5" 
Thickness: 7/18"

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