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Loaded Slide Gloves Freeride V6

Loaded Slide Gloves Freeride V6

  • $ 55.99

Loaded Slide Gloves Freeride V6:




Now with Coolmax wicking fabric for more breathability and a refined, more form fitting shape reducing excess fabric on the thumb and wrists. Built with burly wrist protection (including a removable foam pad and a serious wrist strap), Reflective lining, Breathable mesh top, Heavy duty Nylon/Kevlar construction, Velcro for the finger, palm and thumb pucks. UHMW round thumb puck and palm pucks, and hard plastic finger pucks. Removable EVA foam wrist cushion. This is not a wrist guard. They will provide protection but are not intended to replace safe riding or appropriate safety gear
Velcro and neoprene wrist wrap for additional support
Breathable mesh top and Coolmax wicking fabric
Reflective lining
Kevlar reinforced
Ballistic grade nylon construction
Velcro palm, thumb and fingers for pucks
High molecular weight thumb and finger pucks
UHMW circular palm pucks
No PVC's




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