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Lucky Prospect Scooter Deck - Cody Flom Signature

  • $ 159.95

The long awaited Cody Flom signature deck is here. This isn't just your average Lucky Prospect deck tho, going into Cody Floms deep roots of scootering from the dimensions of the deck to the one of a kind design on the bottom of it. It comes 4.25" wide and 19.5" long since those are Cody's prefered dimensions when it comes to any deck he rides. It does only weigh 3.15 pounds so this deck is definitely light and you can tell with Cody's insane level of riding and the tricks he throws on this exact deck.


  • 19.5" x 4.25" 
  • 3.19lbs
  • 82.5 headtube angle
  • Fits up to 110mm wheels

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