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Powell Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck 8.25" - Glow Turquoise

Powell Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck 8.25" - Glow Turquoise

  • $ 80.99

Built in a new production area in our Santa Barbara, California facility, Powell-Peralta FLIGHT decks are stronger and thinner than an average 7-ply. You'll get the feel of it in an hour or two and begin to realize you can do things riding a Flight deck that cannot be done on a 7-ply. Flight decks allow you to extend your limits, because they let you ollie higher, flip faster, do tricks more easily, while lasting considerably longer than most maple 7-plys.



  • Width : 8.25"
  • Length : 31.95"
  • Wheelbase : 14.25"
  • Concave : K20
  • Shape : 243
  • Construction : 7-Ply Maple


Flight Decks are:

  • Thinner - as thin as your phone
  • Stronger - more than twice as strong in our tail break tests
  • Longer lasting - The epoxy infused, fiber reinforced structure of the Flight deck is extremely resistant to breaking, and this structure gives them "everlasting pop" that doesn't fade as your deck slowly wears.
  • Ollies higher because of greater rebound and snap.
  • Team testing suggests that Flight decks will last several times longer than a 7-ply, making them a great value as well as a superior performing skateboard.

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