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Proto Time’s Up Grippers Wheels 110mm - Parrish Isaacs Signature (Pair)

  • $ 84.95

Tick tock…tick tock…the time is now for the PROTO “Time’s Up” Grippers and Parrish Isaacs to reveal the true imbalance of time and space. Parrish’s riding may be creative and spontaneous but his thought process is deep and mysterious. Parrish designed his signature graphic around the juxtaposition of time and the current state of our existence. The all seeing Eye of Providence is looking down upon injustice and corruption in our society which is signified with an image of the imbalanced Scales of Justice. The hour hands slow progression points in the direction of these images and calls out their permanent fixture in our society. The rapid pace of the minute hand is leading the Polar Bear down it’s inevitable path of doom and extinction caused by this greed and corruption. The image of the book and brush brings about the importance of education and art which are things that people can take part in to influence positive change. The evolution of time will dictate the outcome and so it goes…

Softer, smoother and faster. Grippers are formulated with performance urethane for effortless high-speed cruising. Featuring BUFF Core Technology which helps absorb impact, reduce de-hubbing and create a smoother ride.



  • 110mm Grippers are very fast and grip the surface
  • Bearing Removal Slots-Machined into the core
  • Anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum Core for Durability
  • 100% Made In California
  • PROTO Murders Bearings Pre-Installed

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