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Razor Aggressive Skate 2018 Cult Street - Gold

  • $ 179.00

The Razors Cult Street Gold 2018 Skates; Lightweight, slim fitting, and wallet-friendly – The Razors Cult is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple, comfortable alternative to other high priced skates on the market but still with high quality and the solidity expected from the Razors brand.  Featuring a 1 piece, replaceable UFS soul frame and Razors’ patented backslide plate, ensuring you’ll enjoy a smooth grind right out of the box. The Genesys cuff gives enough flex without losing the ankle support Razors have become so synonymous with.  The complete boot comes stock with Razors Liners and Ground Control FLT3 frames, setup with 59mm 90a Ground Control Wheels and 42mm plastic anti-rocker wheels.



  • Cult Boot Shell
  • 1-piece replaceable soul frame and backslide plate
  • Razors Liner
  • Ground Control FLT3 Frames with 8mm Axles
  • Ground Control 59mm/90A Wheels & 42mm Antis
  • Sealed ABEC 5 Bearings
  • Replaceable Cuff and Buckle

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