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Root Industries 110mm HoneyCore Wheels - White/Gold Rush (Pair)

Root Industries 110mm HoneyCore Wheels - White/Gold Rush (Pair)

  • $ 66.99

Root Industries Honeycore Wheels are available in 110mm or 120mm and fall right in between 100mm scooter wheels on the low end of the spectrum and 125mm wheels on the high end. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the faster it generally is, so the Root Industries scooter wheels you see here are geared to beginner riders all the way up to pro level riders. Root Industries creates a wide variety of great scooter products and their scooter wheels are no exception.

  • 190grams (170grams)
  • Root Industries Abec 11 Bearings
  • Twin Plate Honeycore Arches with the Lightness of Air in the Inner Chamber
  • High Quality Root Industries PU Formula
  • High Grade 88a Compound Polyurethane

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