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Valo SK.2 Pro Complete Skate - Black/Gold

Valo SK.2 Pro Complete Skate - Black/Gold

  • $ 294.99

Valo introduces the 2nd edition of the SK.2 pro model for Japenese powerhouse Soichiro Kanashima this is the Valo SK.2 Black / Gold skates. The SK2 looks great finished in black with gold stitching and a gold buckle.  We've all watched Soichiro kill it over the last few years with a flawless style and a mind blowing trick vocabulary that it is only right he gets one the best looking Valo skates released to date.  The Valo pro-model skates are Italian made making them the highest quality skates on the market. You get the support of a hardboot with the style and looks of a softboot (the Valo is a hard-shell skate covered with a fabric 'skin'). The Valo skates are supportive, solid and responsive.


  • Made in Italy - All Italian material
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Plastic V13 internal shell
  • New Two-piece Soul Plates made with PA (NYLON) & GLASS FIBER
  • Lower cuff aluminium buckles strong and light
  • New anti-shock footbeds
  • Cuff and shell are made in PU (POLYURETHANE)
  • 2017 Liner

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