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Valo Skate TV-3 Blue Complete Aggressive Inline

Valo Skate TV-3 Blue Complete Aggressive Inline

  • $ 199.00

Valo Skate TV-3 Blue Complete Aggressive Inline: 

The new Valo TV 3 skates feature their new skin design and Valo's redesigned soul plates which consist of their new 2 piece system to make them feel more solid and to help you slide smoother on grinds.

The Valo TV 3's are the perfect mid priced aggressive skates that will suit skaters of all skill levels and styles.  The TV 3's function well both in the skate parks and on the streets and have an awesome new look change things up from their TV 2 skates look.

These skates come with memory buckles to make sure your buckle settings are always the same every time you put your skates on.  They have low cut Valo team liners that fit the skates perfectly to offer your feet the ultimate comfort and have a neoprene toe area to help protect your toes.

The TV.3 comes complete with
the Valo Frame, ABEC 5 bearings, Flatrocker 58mm/88a Valo team wheels,
Plastic shell, Memory buckle and TV liner..

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