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Envy Scooters Reaper Bar 650mm - Black

Envy Scooters Reaper Bar 650mm - Black

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The Envy Reaper bars are made from aluminium, and so are one of the lightest bars on the market. Weighing only 850grams, and now in a XL version of 650mm tall. (25.59 inches) Reaper Bars are choice aluminium bars, we would advise riders that aluminium bars are not as strong as chromoly bars, and so if you are prone to breaking bars we would recommend going for the stronger chromoly bars.



Aluminum bars with a slit are compatible with IHC, mini HIC and threaded compression systems only as is. For ICS a starnut must be installed in the bars. Compatible with full size SCS only if the slit is removed. Not compatible with HIC.

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