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Landyachtz Robot Freeride Slide Gloves

Landyachtz Robot Freeride Slide Gloves

  • $ 39.99

Landyachtz Robot Slide Gloves are suede leather gloves that provide for a longer life and a more comfortable fit. Kevlar reinforced stitching makes the gloves less likely to come apart at the seams. A variety of cool colors and designs to fit anyone's taste. Breathable upper to minimize sweating and stinky gloves. Strong palm pucks are made to last and wear evenly.



  • Specifically designed to be functional and practical
  • Perfect for freeriding
  • Made with a mix of Kevlar, nylon and suede for lightweight, durability, and breathability
  • Double stitching in wear zones for higher durability
  • Replaceable slide pucks made from super durable UHMW

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