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Omen Buzzkill Longboards Deck

Omen Buzzkill Longboards Deck

  • $ 129.90

Omen Buzzkill Longboards Deck:

The Buzzkill is our mellower topmount cruising, downhill and freeride board. With the sharp radial concave and rocker, you have optimal standing platform to dig into for any variance of riding. Add the spoon kicktail and you get fun times wherever you take this board.


  • EFP: 32"
  • CONCAVE: Sharp Radial
  • ROCKER: Mellow
  • PLYS: 9
  • KICKTAIL: Spoon Tail
  • No Pockets, Wheel Flares, or Drops (Large Even Platform)
  • Multiple Wheelbase Options
  • Wheel Wells

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