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Rant Bangin' 8 Cranks 170mm - Gloss  Black

Rant Bangin' 8 Cranks 170mm - Gloss Black

  • $ 59.95

Bangin’ Cranks are perfect for the shredder on a budget. Available in both Bangin’’ 8 spline with pinch bolts. The new trapezoid chromoly shape helps prevent flex while still offereing a grindable surface. Full chromoly and heat treatment make these cranks the perfect replacement or upgrade crankset for kids with low dough.


  • 4130 trapezoid shaped heat-treated tubular chromoly crank arms
  • 3pc design with 19mm 8 spline heat treated chromoly spindle
  • Wrap-welded pedal bosses
  • RHD and LHD compatible sprocket bosses
  • 170mm lengths
  • Weight: 34.5 oz.

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