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Shadow Conspiracy BMX Multi-Tool - Black

  • $ 62.99

The Shadow Conspiracy Multi-tool is the tool that will handle anything on your bike and fit just about anywhere. This heavy duty tool has every thing from spoke wrench to a hammer and everything in between. Included is a pedal wrench, chain breaker, 17mm socket, 5mm hex, 6mm hex, 8mm hex, 1/4" hex, 7/32" hex, tire lever, 10mm wrench, and bottle when you finish working on your bike. Everything packs perfect inside the handle of the tool with a threaded cap and has a diagram laser etched on for easy packing.



  • Multiple tools in a compact steel case
  • Investment cast, forged and CNC steel construction
  • Includes: chain breaker, 17mm deep socket, pedal wrench, 10mm wrench, spoke wrench, tire tools, 8mm hex, 6mm hex, 5mm hex, 1/4" hex, 7/32" hex, hammer, bottle opener
  • Weight: 33.6 oz
  • Colors: Black

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