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Tilt Theory Deck 22" - Silver

  • $ 230.00

Get yourself the first Tilt scooter deck ever created by them and keep yourself way ahead of the pack.

You get some of the most popular features available, like a fully smooth bottom and an 83° headtube. Catching your tricks is made effortless with the deep concave shape of the top.

Dialing in your scooter is easier to achieve than ever, thanks to the fact that everything is welded thoroughly into place. Slide away into the sunset with the fully flat bottom and smoothed sides. 50-50's and 5-0 grinds are nailed easily with the forged and welded dropouts. Crook-grinds are made steady with the 3D formed "Crook Nook"



  • 24.0 Radius concave
  • 83.0º Headtube angle
  • 5.5" Width
  • 3.75 lb / 1.70 kg
  • Forged and welded round dropouts
  • 3D Formed crook nook
  • Forged and welded fixed fender
  • 24x110 and 30x120 with included spacers
  • Internal 13mm hex with steel lock nut
  • CNC Engraved logo

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